Some How-to's For Hiking in Arizona

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What tips do you have for hiking in Arizona?

Some How-to's For Hiking in Arizona

No matter what kind of terrain you're looking for, you can find it in Arizona, which is one thing that makes hiking in Arizona so special. From dry desert to loftiest mountain peak, it's all here for hiking, along with everything in between.

  • Remember most of Arizona is dry and very hot in the summertime, so always carry more water than you think you'll need for your hike.
  • You could run into rattlesnakes or scorpions on the trail. Carry a first aid kit, and don't disturb these creatures if you see them.
  • If you want to avoid crowds in most of the state and national parks, visit during mid-week or off season, the hiking trails will be less crowded.
  • Wear sturdy hiking boots to protect your feet and ankles from rocky trails and from snake and insect bites as well!
  • In the summer it's not uncommon to run into a sudden downpour, complete with thunder and lightening. Stay away from solitary trees or exposed areas if you're caught in a storm. Your best bet it to head for home when you see one coming.
  • Dry creeks and washes can suffer from summer flash-floods. Avoid hiking in these areas if there have been storms, or if storms are predicted.
Avoid hiking in the heat of the day in the summertime, and carry plenty of water, and hiking in Arizona will be a piece of cake!



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