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Why do I need to buy special hiking socks?

Buy the Right Hiking Socks

Don't make the mistake of buying just any old nylon or wool sock and thinking it will take the stresses of hiking. First, regular socks are probably bulkier than they need to be, and will bunch up around your foot inside your boot. You know what that means – painful blisters right in the middle of your hike!

Hiking socks are created especially to fit inside your boot. Even the wool blend hiking socks are lightweight and comfortable. Even better, they are designed not to bunch up on your foot, and many of them also offer additional arch and ankle support for additional strength as you hike. Good quality hiking socks, combined with good boots that fit well, are the key to real comfort on the hiking trail.

What is a hiking shoe?

The Lightweight Hiking Shoe

Many hikers immediately think of clunky, chunky boots when they think about hiking, but if you're going to do light to moderate hiking on well-maintained paths in dry weather, then think about getting a lightweight hiking shoe. These shoes offer less support than hiking boots, but they are much lighter weight and comfortable to hike in, as well.

If you carry a light day pack, these shoes are perfect, as well. They offer enough support for a day pack, and you should be able to hike all day in the right pair. Make sure they fit well and are breathable for hot weather hiking. The hiking shoe is a major improvement over bulky and unattractive hiking boots, and they may be all you need to hike at your best.

What should I look for in Gore-tex hiking shoes?

Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

Gore-Tex hiking shoes offer the comfort of lightweight hiking shoes with waterproofed outer or liners that will protect you in wet situations. Gore-tex liners keep water from seeping inside the shoe, and most of them are removable, so you can take them out when you hike in hot weather.

The best thing about Gore-tex is that it's breathable, so you can have protection from the elements without enduring sweaty, uncomfortable feet any time of the year. Look for Gore-tex outers or liners in your next pair of hiking shoes, and you'll enjoy years of comfortable, safe hiking in any kind of weather conditions.

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