Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

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What do I need to know about summertime hiking on Grand Canyon hiking trails?

Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

Grand Canyon hiking trails can lead you to some of the oldest known exposed rock on the planet, and they can also be deadly. Grand Canyon hiking trails lead, for the most part, into the depths of the canyon, and the interior of the canyon can reach 120 degrees or more in the summertime.

If you hike into the canyon in the summer, be sure to carry more water than you think you'll need. Park experts recommend drinking at least a quart of water every hour, so make sure to take enough. Take food with you, because eating helps keep up your energy on the trail, especially in hot weather. Don't hike during the hottest part of the day – hike early in the morning or after Heat exhaustion can creep up on you, and it can kill you, so make sure you learn about the dangers of summertime hiking before you set out on Grand Canyon hiking trails.



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