Family Hikes From Hell

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What can I do if my child can't go any farther when the family hikes?

Family Hikes From Hell

What happens if your family hikes turn into family disasters? If your child simply refuses to go on out of exhaustion or sheer frustration, there are several things you can do. First, if they're carrying a pack or anything else, take it from them to give them a break.

You may even have to pick them up and carry them for awhile, as well. Once they've rested, see if they can carry the pack to their goal, or stop for a while and enjoy the scenery before you head back on the trail.

Sometimes, as much as you love the outdoors, your kids just don't. Some families find it's better to leave the kids with a relative on camping and hiking trips, while other families wouldn't miss family hikes for anything. Whatever you do, don't force your child to hike if they don't want to. You'll only stress them out and turn them against hiking.



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