Hiking Poles That Fit

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How should my hiking poles fit my body?

Hiking Poles That Fit

Sierra Trading Post Tip: When you choose hiking poles, you should make sure they fit your body. Many of the telescoping metal models are fully adjustable, and you can telescope them to any height you need. Here's how to fit hiking poles correctly.

First, make sure you're standing up straight with your shoulders relaxed. Put the pole under your arm, and adjust the height until it reaches about 2-3-inches away from your armpit. Alternately, the pole should rise 6-9-inches above your elbow with your arm at your side. The steeper the terrain you're hiking, the higher the rise needs to be. Lock the pole, and you're ready for hiking.

If you're using two hiking poles, then use the first one as a guide to adjust the second one. If you buy a pole that's not adjustable, make sure it is tall enough to reach nearly to your armpit. If it's too short, it won't help you hike, it will actually cause more stress on your body.



6/17/2007 6:56:00 AM
Bill D. said:

This is a really good tip for a hiking novice like me. I will remember it when purchasing and using a hiking pole.


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