Discount Hiking Boots May Take More Breaking In

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I bought discount hiking boots. How should I break in these boots?

Discount Hiking Boots May Take More Breaking In

Sierra Trading Post Tip: If you choose your hiking boots only by price, you may find your discount hiking boots aren't such a bargain after all. Discount hiking boots may not fit as well as higher quality boots. In addition, breaking in hiking boots like these may be more difficult because they don't give the support and comfort of better fitting boots. Of course, there are high quality discount hiking boots out there. Top brands go on sale time to time during seasonal sales or when special promotions are run.

Breaking in hiking boots is really a matter of getting your feet and boots used to each other. Experts recommend breaking in hiking boots by walking at least 50 miles (not all at once!), to make sure the boots form to your feet and your feet are used to the boots.

Discount hiking boots may be crafted of inferior materials that don't form to your foot or protect it adequately. Before you invest in discount hiking boots, try on several different pairs, and walk in them for more than a minute or two, just to see how they feel and how they protect your feet and ankles. After you find the right boot, spending some time breaking in your boots before you hit the trail, and your feet will be very, very happy!



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