Why Hike?

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Why should I start hiking?

Why Hike?

Day hikes offer many benefits to those who take on the activity. Even with just one hike, you will burn calories and increase your heart rate. Hiking is a wonderful low-impact, non-competative workout for people of all ages. What is even better is that hiking is one of the few sports that does not require much in the way of equipment. A good pair of hiking boots or hiking shoes and a daypack to carry water and snacks to maintain energy is really all you need!



3/2/2009 5:02:19 PM
demi yo said:

hiking isa form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of explorying and enjoying the scenery and it usually takes place in the wilderness and trails also mountains and forest and how interesting it is.

8/8/2009 9:07:30 PM
Gil Baron said:

You are a truth teller. I try to get 35 miles of day hikes a week. Helps a lot when ski season starts and keeps weight at least steady. At 71 and 169 and 5'9" I need it. Base metablism less than when I was 18


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