Hiking Trails Maine – Mt. Katahdin

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Hiking trails Maine – try hiking to the top of Mount Katahdin.

Hiking Trails Maine – Mt. Katahdin

If you want the premier of hiking trails Maine, hike the trail up Mount Katahdin (elev. 5,267 feet), a difficult climb of 4,000 feet. The mountain marks the terminus of the Appalachian Trail, and the beginning of the International Appalachian Trail that runs into Canada. It's a beautiful location in the wilds of Maine, a great spot for spying wildlife as well as exploring Maine's beautiful pine woods.

You'll have to pay to enter Baxter State Park, where the trailhead lies, unless you live in Maine. The park is in the Millinocket area, and offers many other hiking trails if you're not into the difficulty of reaching the top of Maine's highest peak. Try the hikes to Chimney Pond or Fowler Brook if you're looking for less strenuous trails.



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