Hiking in New Hampshire

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Hiking in New Hampshire sounds like it's all about mountain climbing. Are their other hikes, too?

Hiking in New Hampshire

For many people, hiking in New Hampshire is all about scaling the many peaks of the White Mountains. One of the most popular hikes in the state takes hikers to the top of Mount Washington. Most trail reviews say it's not an easy hike, so only attempt it if you're in the best of share. There are some steep areas, and the alpine area is rocky and difficult.

Other hiking in New Hampshire isn't quite so demanding. For example, the Welch-Dickey Loop is only 4.5 miles long, and a short drive from Boston. You can hike to the top of either Welch or Dickey Peak, but the loop between them offers great views. It is a steep hike in places, but the views are worth it.



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