Hiking Arizona in Winter

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Where is the best place for hiking Arizona in winter?

Hiking Arizona in Winter

Hiking Arizona in the wintertime presents its own challenges. In Southern Arizona, the weather is temperate, so you won't need as much water, but winter nights can easily drop below freezing in places, so you'll need to carry warm clothing if you'll be out after dark.

Northern Arizona is higher in elevation, and it receives quite a bit of snow during a normal year. Most trails are closed during the winter in this area, so you should check before you leave on your trip to find out current trail conditions.

The Grand Canyon's inner gorge is temperate during the winter, but the trails at the top can be very icy and treacherous. The elevation of the South Rim is over 6,000 feet, which can cause breathing problems for some hikers, as well.

Hiking Arizona is a wonderful experience because the terrain is so varied and the landscape is so beautiful. Enjoy hiking Arizona any time of the year!



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