Grand Canyon Arizona Hiking Trails

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What should I know about Arizona hiking trails in the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon Arizona Hiking Trails

One of the premier areas to hike in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. Arizona hiking trails abound here, and the views are unbelievable from just about any place on these trails. Most of the trails travel below the rim of the canyon, but there are several easy trails topside, too.

There's only one thing to remember about Grand Canyon hiking trails. The interior of the canyon is much hotter than the rim, and that increases in the summer. Don't try to hike from rim to rim in one day – people die every year because they do not understand the difficulties of the hike and the way the heat can dehydrate you very quickly.

The two main trails from canyon rim to the Colorado River are the Kaibab Trail and the Bright Angel Trail. Combined, they're nearly 20 miles long, and don't forget the worst part is hiking UP the trail at the end. The Kaibab is steeper, so most people hike down the Kaibab and up the Bright Angel.

Many other trails in the park are unmaintained, and you need hiking permits to use them. If you want to hike one of these trails, apply for a permit early, there are a limited number, and they go very fast.

Enjoy hiking the Grand Canyon during your exploration of Arizona hiking trails, but don't try to be a super human, take more than a day to go from rim to rim.



8/2/2009 5:21:32 PM
Johnny D said:

ALSO There is no water avaiable on the Kaibab, whereas there are several places on the Bright Angel to get H20. Therefore, going up the Kaibab (unless you are an EXPERT hiker) is akin to suicide. Down the Kaibab and up the Bright Angel is definately the way to go!


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