Yellowstone National Park Hiking

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Why are Yellowstone National Park hiking trails historic?

Yellowstone National Park Hiking

Yellowstone National Park hiking is historic, because you're hiking in America's first national park, set aside for public use in 1872! You're also enjoying one of the most varied national parks, with hot pools and other thermal features, high-country mountaintops, and everything in between.

One important thing to remember when you're hiking in Yellowstone, STAY ON the boardwalks at all times! The hot pools and other features can be boiling hot, and visitors are severely burned or even killed when they don't follow this advice.

Also remember the park is very spread out, and you may have to drive several miles between geyser basins and hiking locations, so plan your day accordingly. When you're in the backcountry, stay on the Yellowstone National Park hiking trails, don't stray off the marked trails, stay away from thermal features, and make noise on the trails, there are bears in Yellowstone. In some campgrounds, you'll need to "bear proof" your food as well; you'll get information on this when you enter the park.



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