Hiking With Children – How Far?

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How far should I go in a day when hiking with children?

Hiking With Children – How Far?

One of the things to remember about hiking with children is how far they can hike in a day. Adults in decent shape can do 10 or even 15 miles if they push it, but children cannot keep up with that pace.

A good rule of thumb is not to plan more than five miles for the kids in one day. That won't stress them, and you shouldn't hear any whining at that pace, either. Another good rule of thumb when hiking with children? If the kids are whining and cranky, they may have passed their endurance level, and if your body is stiff and sore, it's a good bet the kids are feeling the same way or worse!

When hiking with children, don't go too far too fast, or you might just turn them off hiking for good!



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