Tahoe Rim Trail – Superb California Riding and Hiking Trail

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What's a good California riding and hiking trail?

Tahoe Rim Trail – Superb California Riding and Hiking Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a popular and breathtaking California riding and hiking trail in Northern California. The trail is open to hiking, and mountain biking, and horseback riding in certain areas. It circles breathtaking Lake Tahoe – "The Lake of the Sky," for 165 miles of incredible vistas of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra.

Built entirely by volunteers, the trail runs along the ridges of some of the mountains circling Lake Tahoe, and so the elevation can be a little difficult for some hikers. The trail is only open in the summer, after the snow melts, and it is free for day use. You'll need a permit to use the trail for overnight backpacking.

You'll travel from Nevada to California and back along the trail, and each state's regulations are a bit different, so visit the trail website before you hike the Rim Trail, so you know what to expect. Dogs are welcome on the Nevada side of the trail, too!



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