Internal Frame Hiking Backpacks

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What should I look for in internal frame backpacks?

Internal Frame Hiking Backpacks

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Most hiking backpacks now are internal frame backpacks, with most of the support of the pack hidden from view. Good internal frame backpacks contain a large, comfortable hipbelt to help transfer the weight to your hipbones, and internal stays that are strong enough to help transfer weight while offering good support. These hiking backpacks are more flexible than the old-fashioned external frame packs, but they still help you carry the load easily. There should be a sheet of semi-flexible plastic across the back of the pack, (called a framesheet), which helps stiffen the pack and keeps items inside from poking you as you walk. Look for a perforated framesheet to help keep sweat from pooling on your back. Internal frame hiking backpacks are much more lightweight and flexible than older packs, so look for a high-quality internal frame backpack when you shop.



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