All-Weather Kimperdell Hiking Poles

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What features do Komperdell hiking poles have that let me hike year round?

All-Weather Kimperdell Hiking Poles

Sierra Trading Post Tip: When you shop for Komperdell hiking poles, consider the times of year you enjoy to hike. If you're an all-season hiker, look for walking poles that can transition from warm to cool weather hiking.

Perhaps the most important feature to look for in all-weather hiking is the pole's lock mechanism. If the mechanism is susceptible to freezing, you may have difficulties locking your pole during cold weather. Komperdell hiking poles offer a one-turn Duolock system that is weather resistant, so cold weather hiking isn't a problem.

Komperdell hiking poles are also extremely lightweight, which makes them much easier to use on long hikes. So, when choosing walking poles, look for poles that fit the way you hike all year round.



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