One or Two Trekking Poles?

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Should I use one or two trekking poles when I hike?

One or Two Trekking Poles?

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Using two trekking poles doubles the benefits to you when you hike. Going downhill, two poles will reduce the weight on your knees, and going uphill, you'll gain more power and stability. Two poles are good for crossing water and soft, sandy areas as well.

That's why many people use ski poles as trekking poles. They are easy to find and carry, and they give greater strength than a telescoping trekking pole.

Whether you use one or two trekking poles is up to your personal preference. Some people find using two trekking poles is awkward, or they don't have hands free for map reading. However, most experienced hikers carry two trekking poles along wherever they travel in the backwoods.



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