Komperdell Hiking Poles Straight From Austria

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What makes Komperdell hiking poles so good?

Komperdell Hiking Poles Straight From Austria

Komperdell Hiking Poles are designed with the Austrian Alps in mind, so they have to be great! These poles absorb the shocks of the trail so your knees, legs, and back don't have to. Studies show they can reduce the stress on knees and thighs up to 21 percent. They come in a variety of styles, with ultra-light models available for long-term trekking.

Komperdell hiking poles also offer a variety of grips, from cork to foam, which are easier on your hands as you hike. Best of all, the anti-shock features clicks on when you need the extra stability and shock adsorbing qualities as you hike downhill, and clicks off when you need maneuverability and stability heading uphill.



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