Day Hiking Recipes

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What are some fun day hiking recipes and ideas?

Day Hiking Recipes

When you day hike, you have a lot more versatility in the foods you can carry and enjoy. Most foods will last at least a few hours on the trail, so you can whip up some day hiking recipes at home, seal them in plastic bags, and hit the trail with a decent meal.

  • Carry along fresh fruit for a quick snack along the trail or a healthy dessert.
  • Create a healthy sandwich with pita bread, cheese, and lettuce, and tomatoes. If you place it in the refrigerator overnight, it should be just the right temperature when you eat lunch. Avoid meats and mayo on your sandwich if you're going to be on the trail more than a couple of hours.
  • Boiled eggs will last until lunch on a day hike, so bring some along for a snack, or make egg salad without the mayo for a sandwich.
  • Use your imagination for special day hiking recipes. If you want to plan a gourmet lunch, carry a bottle of wine, some dry pasta, and pasta sauce. Heat up some water when you arrive at your lunch spot, cook the pasta and warm the sauce, add some French bread, and you have a hearty and special lunch!
  • Cook a meal at home, such as chicken in sauce, or steaks with mushroom gravy, and carry in an insulated container to keep them warm. Then, just heat up some rice or noodles, and you'll have another gourmet lunch.
  • Carry food in a small insulated container and you can take just about anything with you on your day hike.
Use your imagination, carry a few extra tools, and you can enjoy some great day hiking recipes on a short day hike!



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