Dehydrate Your Own Food for Hiking

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Did you know you can dehydrate just about anything you can cook, making great portable food for hiking?

Dehydrate Your Own Food for Hiking

If you're a picking hiker, you can dehydrate your own food for hiking. Dehydrators come in all sizes, and once you learn how to use them, you can create your own jerky, dried fruits, and just about anything else you'd like to pare down for hiking.

Dehydrating is fun, too. The kids can help you place sliced meat, fish, vegetable, or fruit on the dehydrating trays, and after a few tries, you'll learn how long to dehydrate each type of food. Often, you can dehydrate overnight and have dried delights the next day.

Once your food is dehydrated and sealed in plastic bags, you can safely carry it hiking or backpacking. Dehydrated food for hiking weighs much less, and it's a lot easier to carry in a pack. All you need to do is add boiling liquid to reconstitute the food, or you can munch on it as is. Jerky is a great snack on the trail, for example. Invest in a cookbook or two on how to dehydrate, and you may become a dehydratin' fool!



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