Easy Backpacking Food Recipes

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What are some easy backpacking food recipes?

Easy Backpacking Food Recipes

Some backpackers swear by staples like pasta, rice, and macaroni and cheese. They're quick to prepare, light to carry, and nutritious enough to keep you going for at least a few days. However, you can whip up some easy backpacking food recipes on the trail, too.

Try carrying a small tube of tomato paste, and mixing the paste with water and dry spaghetti sauce mix. You'll have a light and tasty spaghetti sauce. Spice it up with dehydrated onion and garlic, or some hot pepper sauce.

Mix instant potatoes with canned or pouched meat for a quick, nutritious dinner. Carry along a little dry Parmesan or Romano cheese for added flavor.

You can carry some fresh foods, like carrots, fruit, nuts, and even potatoes and onions for a few days, at least. They add weight, but they add a lot of variety to your cooking as well.

Check out Asian food stores for dried mushrooms, and noodle mixtures that you might not find at your grocery store. You can add canned meat to the noodles or mushrooms for a delicious sauce or one-pot meal.

Carry powdered milk and eggs for a quick breakfast or dinner, just add water and cook into omelets, scrambled eggs, or fillings for tortillas or pita bread.



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