Caring For Your Hiking Boots

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How should I care for my men's hiking boots (and women's, too)?

Caring For Your Hiking Boots

Sierra Trading Post Tip: When you're done hiking, you need to show a little care to your hiking boots. Men's hiking boots (and women's, too!) made of leather should be cleaned and conditioned after every hike. Leather boots should only be conditioned with an oil- or wax-based conditioner.

Light hiking boots made of composite materials (fabric plus leather) should be conditioned with a silicon-based conditioner. Never dry your hiking boots near a fire or heater. The heat can crack the leather or damage the cement that holds the shoes together. Good quality men's hiking boots will last many years if you take good care of them and condition them after every use. Light hiking boots aren't meant to last as long as heavier leather boots, but with care and conditioning, you can get several seasons out of light hiking boots, as well.



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