Hiking Boot or Trekking Boots?

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What are trekking boots?

Hiking Boot or Trekking Boots?

Sierra Trading Post Tip: May retailers refer to a hiking boot as trekking boots, and essentially, sturdy hiking boots are good for light mountain trekking as well. Look for a hiking boot that has a removable Gore-Tex liner that helps keep your feet dry. Trekking boots often have very lightweight but durable wraparound rubber soles so they can be used for some rock climbing, as well.

When you purchase a hiking boot, look for high quality materials and options like low tops if you want a cross-over hiking boot that can double as a trail runner. The most important thing to look for in a hiking boot is fit. It's very common for one foot to be slightly larger than the other, especially if you're carrying weight. Try on your boots with a loaded backpack if you plan on hiking with a pack, and try on a lot of different models and brands to find the fit that's best for you.



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