What to Look for in Discount Hiking Gear

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Where can I find discount hiking gear?

What to Look for in Discount Hiking Gear

Sierra Trading Post Tip: Discount hiking gear can save you bundles – IF you know what to look for. First, watch for end-of-season sales and discontinued items at your favorite outfitter. The hiking gear will still be brand new, but it should be deeply discounted. They may offer returns for a discount, as well.

Be wary of off brands or buying from stores or discount chains that don't specialize in hiking gear. They may offer discount hiking gear, but it may be low quality, cheap merchandise that won't stand up to the rigors of even one hiking season.

Some retailers specialize in overstocks and discontinued hiking gear. Ask if they have a mailing list or special customer preview days. They may offer a newsletter or sales flyer notifying you when they will have special sales, so ask if they have a mailing list and watch your mailbox.



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