How to Find Used Hiking Gear

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I need high quality camping and hiking gear, but it's expensive. Where can I find good used hiking gear?

How to Find Used Hiking Gear

Let's face it. Camping and hiking gear can get pretty pricey, especially if you're looking for high quality three- or four-season camping and hiking gear. You can look for used hiking gear in the classified ads or at garage sales, but you can't be assured of the quality and how that gear's been used (or abused) before.

When you shop for camping and hiking gear, watch for sales of returned gear. Many big gear outlets will offer slightly "used" (read returned) equipment at a great savings to your pocketbook. If you're not sure your local hiking outlet offers used camping and hiking gear, just give them a call! If they don't, they may have an idea for other sources, or they may offer to notify you of specials sales and discounts.



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