Choosing a Camp Stove for Hiking

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What type of camp stove should I buy for hiking?

Choosing a Camp Stove for Hiking

Sierra Trading Post Tip: One vital piece of overnight camping and hiking gear is a camp stove. However, hauling a double-burner monster, complete with fuel cartridges, isn't the best idea when you're hiking. So, look for a small, lightweight stove that's versatile but still easy to stow and carry.

  • Watch for an adjustable flame so you have the ability to simmer, boil or sauté on your burner.
  • Look for a stove that uses a multi-tasking fuel cartridge. Some cartridges allow you to attach other items, like a lantern head, which cuts down on weight and items you need to carry with your camping and hiking gear.
  • Camping and hiking gear should be lightweight and portable, and your stove is no exception. The stove's weight should be printed on the price tag or box, but remember, that's the weight of the stove without a fuel cartridge, you'll need to add the weight of cartridges to the overall total weight of your stove.
  • Stove that use fuel cartridges are generally lighter than stoves that use liquid gas. Since you have to tote the canisters along with the stove when you hike, make sure your cartridge has a resealing valve that will keep the fuel inside without leaking. A leaky cartridge can make a quick mess of all the rest of your hiking and camping gear.
  • If you're hiking in a windy area, carry a windscreen as part of your hiking and camping gear, or you may not be able to get that cartridge stove to light.
Stoves aren't necessary for all hiking, but if you're planning on overnight hiking, they really are a necessary addition to your hiking and camping gear.



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