Fast Hiking vs. Slow Hiking

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Is fast hiking better than slow hiking?

Fast Hiking vs. Slow Hiking

A novice hiker often makes the mistake of thinking that faster hiking is better hiking. Speed is not the point of hiking. In fact, fast hiking can tire you out faster, reducing the length -- not to mention the pleasure -- of your excursion. Endurance is the goal you should strive for when you take on this sport. Make sure you're wearing the right shoes, though. For hiking more challenging trails, look into specific brands like asolo hiking boots. Being able to hike for long periods and cover more ground is more effective, as you are better able to take in your surroundings and learn about the terrain on which you're traveling.



8/7/2009 9:30:19 PM
TryHiking said:

Awesome tip. The bad thing is trying to get use to setting a slow pace. When you know how far you have to go, and you think that you have to rush to get it done.


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