Winter Hiking 101

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How should I dress for winter hiking?

Winter Hiking 101

If you're a fan of the cold weather, winter hikes can be a beautiful experience. Be sure, however, that you prepare properly. Even a short excursion in cold weather can be dangerous if you are not wearing the proper attire and warm hiking boots. Layering is most important, but avoid cotton clothing. When wet, cotton retains moisture and moisture can freeze once you cool down from your hike. Cover your head with a hat or balaclava to avoid losing heat. A balaclava can also double as a scarf. Bring several pairs of socks, but don't wear more than two pairs at a time. Too many layers on your feet will result in slowed circulation.



1/14/2009 8:04:35 AM
Gee said:

"Cover your head with a hat or balaclava to avoid losing heat."?

Loosing heat through your head is an old wives tale. Proven to be wrong in many instances.


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