Hiking Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first thing to look for in a quality hiking boot?

How important are the sides of womens' hiking boots?

Is it worth it to save money on buying hiking boots?

Are all hiking boots waterproof?

What is the best sock for outdoor use?

Do I need a hiking boot or a hiking shoe?

What socks should I wear when I buy hiking boots?

Can I return hiking boots if they don't fit?

What is a good test to ensure proper fit of my hiking boot?

What should I wear when I hike?

What is a base layer in hiking apparel?

What is the insulation layer of hiking apparel made of?

What is an outer shell garment?

What is Gore-Tex?

What is thermal equilibrium?

What is the best gear for hiking?

How important is the fit of my backpack?

Are all hiking packs the same?

What should I look for when buying a tent?

How do I align my compass to True North?

What is a trekking pole?

What is a GPS device?

When do I need snowshoes?

What can I use to make an emergency shelter?

How do I use adjustable hiking poles?

What are FSO Weight and Packweight?

How important are provisions when hiking?

How much gear will I need for a hiking trip?

What food should I bring on a hiking trip?

Do I need a sleeping pad as well as a sleeping bag?

Where can I learn about hiking safety?

What is the benefit of hiking with others?

Why should I join a hiking club?

How can I avoid encountering bears on a hike?

How do I know if I have been poisoned by a snake bite?

How can I avoid blisters?

What is the Mountain Distress Signal?

What is AMS?

How should I dress for winter hiking?

How do I pitch a tent in snow?

Where can I hike and snowmobile in Vermont?

Where should I pitch my tent if I'm hiking in the snow?

How do I stay warm on my hiking trip?

Do I need to eat special food on winter hikes?

What do I do to prevent and treat frostbite?

What kinds of trails can I hike?

What are hiking sandals?

Where else can I hike outside the US?

What is pronation?

Is fast hiking better than slow hiking?

Why should I start hiking?

How much energy do I need for hiking?

How important is resting during an overnight hike?

What basic equipment do I need for an overnight hike?

What is an expedition pack?

What is a good alternative to a typical weekend getaway?

How do I start a fire if I don't have matches?

Can I camp without a tent?

What is the concept of "Leave No Trace"?

How do I start a roaring fire with just an ember?

How do I set up a cooking area on a hiking trip?

What is tent weight?

What is coasteering?

Is hiking a healthy activity?

How important is stretching when I hike?

How do I train to hike?

How often should I hike?

When should I start training before a hike?

How important is running if I'm going to hike?

What do I do if a hiker is injured and bleeding?

What are the signs of heat stroke?

How do I treat a spinal injury?

What do I do if I get sprained on a hike?

How is hypothermia treated?

How do I tie a tourniquet?

Where can I go canyoneering?

What are the easiest trails to hike in Yosemite?

What is the ATC?

How can I hike rim to rim of the Grand Canyon effectively?

What is a good advanced hiking trail in North Carolina?

What is the West Coast Trail?

Where can I hike in the south?

Where can I hike in Arizona?

What are the best cardio hikes in the US?

What is a good place to hike on the beach?

What are the best places to hike with family?

What do I need to know about hiking with pets?

What do if my pet is lost while camping?

What belongs in a pet's First Aid kit?

Can I bring my dog into a camping shelter?

What should I know about trail hiking with my pet?

Can I take my pet on trips to national parks?

What do I need to know before I hike with my pet?

Can I put my dog in the back of my truck when I travel?

Where should my pet sleep on an overnight hike?

Does my pet need a Lyme vaccination before a hike?

How much water should I bring for my dog on a hike?

How should my dog behave on the hiking trail?

What should the maximum FSO weight be?

What's my thermal equilibrium?

What kind of protection should hiking clothes offer?

What is the three layer system for hiking clothing?

Why is The North Face jacket so respected?

What types of hiking jackets are available?

Do hiking pants come in waterproof materials?

What are outer shell hiking pants?

What should I look for in a good pair of hiking shorts?

What type of camp stove should I buy for hiking?

Do I really need a GPS as part of my hiking equipment?

Why do I need a water filter?

I need high quality camping and hiking gear, but it's expensive. Where can I find good used hiking gear?

Do I really need a hiking checklist for all my hiking equipment?

Where can I find discount hiking gear?

What should I include in a basic first aid kit to include with my hiking equipment?

Where can I find reliable camping and hiking gear reviews?

Why are Asolo hiking boots the best hiking boots?

I bought discount hiking boots. How should I break in these boots?

What are trekking boots?

Is there really a difference between men's and women's hiking boots?

Why are Lowa hiking boots recommend for heavy-duty hiking?

How should I care for my men's hiking boots (and women's, too)?

What makes Merrell hiking boots special?

Why do Vasque hiking boots win awards?

What are some easy backpacking cooking tips?

How can I prepare backpacking food ahead to save time when I backpack?

What are some easy backpacking food recipes?

Did you know you can dehydrate just about anything you can cook, making great portable food for hiking?

What kinds of foods lend themselves to outdoor cooking?

What are some good hiking foods to carry on the trail?

What are some fun day hiking recipes and ideas?

Can I find hiking stoves that can let me get creative with camp cooking?

Why should I carry a hiking pole?

How should my hiking poles fit my body?

What makes Komperdell hiking poles so good?

Should I use one or two trekking poles when I hike?

How should I use my hiking pole for maximum benefit?

What are the best hiking or trekking poles?

What features do Komperdell hiking poles have that let me hike year round?

Should I buy trekking poles with anti-shock features?

What are hiking sandals?

What is a hiking shoe?

Do I really need waterproof hiking shoes?

Do I really need to wear heavy hiking boots on a short day hike?

What should I look for in Gore-tex hiking shoes?

Why do I need to buy special hiking socks?

What are the best hiking socks?

Do Salomon hiking shoes come in a variety of styles and sizes?

Why are SmartWool hiking socks so great?

How should I pack hiking backpacks?

How do I fit hiking backpacks effectively?

What should I look for it day hiking packs?

Why should I avoid discount hiking backpacks?

How can I cut the weight of my hiking backpacks?

What should I look for in internal frame backpacks?

What are the items I shouldn't be without on the trail?

I don't need a hiking backpack, but I need a good quality pack I can use for a variety of events. What's the right backpack for me?

Where can I find some less crowded Northern California hikes?

Is California hiking really that good?

What's a good California riding and hiking trail?

Where are some good hikes in Southern California?

What are your choices from hiking Bay Area trails?

What are some great hiking trails in San Diego?

Is there really Los Angeles hiking available when I visit?

Where's some good Orange County hiking?

What are the best hikes with children?

Why do I need boy's hiking boots?

What should I know about buying children's hiking boots?

How can I include the kids in fun family hikes?

What can I do if my child can't go any farther when the family hikes?

How can I make family hiking fun for the entire family?

What should I look for in girl's hiking boots?

How far should I go in a day when hiking with children?

Do I really need toddler hiking boots?

Are there strenuous trails to enjoy when Acadia National Park hiking?

What should I expect from Arches National Park hiking trails?

What do I know before I hit any Glacier National Park hiking trails?

What do I need to know about summertime hiking on Grand Canyon hiking trails?

Can I bring my dog on Olympic National Park hiking trails?

What are some of the most popular Rocky Mountain National park hiking trails?

What do the blazes mean on Shenandoah National Park hiking trails?

Why are Yellowstone National Park hiking trails historic?

What Yosemite hiking trails should I put on my list not to miss?

Why are there so many Arizona hiking clubs?

What should I know about Arizona hiking trails in the Grand Canyon?

Where are some other great places to hike Arizona?

Where is the best place for hiking Arizona in winter?

What tips do you have for hiking in Arizona?

Is there really good hiking in Phoenix?

What do I need to know about hiking Phoenix?

Where are the best Sedona hikes?

What do I need to know about Sedona hiking trails?

What are some of the best Boston hiking trails?

What Connecticut hiking trails should I hike on my trip to Connecticut?

Does the Appalachian Trail pass through Connecticut?

What are rail trails for hiking in New England?

Hiking in New Hampshire sounds like it's all about mountain climbing. Are their other hikes, too?

What kind of hiking trails in Massachusetts will I find outside Boston?

Hiking trails Maine try hiking to the top of Mount Katahdin.

What hiking trails New Hampshire are great for families?

Where is Hazen's Notch Conservation Center, and why does it offer some of the best Vermont hiking?

What should I know before going to Glacier National Park?

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